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Scholz & Friends Advertising Agency

Client Name: Media Cap S. A. 

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Status: Complete 2017

Team: Kos Architects Inc.

Principal: Łukasz Kos

Design Architect: Edyta Krawczyk,

Magdalena Górecka,

Joanna Otrębska,

Tomasz Ginter

Photos: Tom Kurek

Scholz & Friends Warsaw wanted to evolve their collaborative approach to working. They imagined their traditional creative team clusters, typically designated in discrete groups, evolve to a more flexible organization wherein team members could move freely between open ended and unassigned seats, allowing them to gather in groups as needed.  This approach was made possible by the simple fact that most of the employees worked on laptops, stationary workstations are now a rarity in their office.

We reasoned that in order for a fluid and collaborative work environment to function all spatial cues suggesting division and vertical hierarchy be removed and replaced with a horizontal egalitarian spatial configuration; one where all members of the creative team, from the receptionists, executive assistants, designers, graphic designers, client services personnel, copywriters, and creative directors, sat at one table.

Architecturally, a long communal table wound its way through the space where teams could gather and work at a ‘desk’. The shape of the table created informal open lounge-like communal areas for larger group meeting and brain storming sessions. Large wood-crate-like pods, with comfortable acoustically treated interiors, provided quieter and more private conditions for teams of 2 to 6 people to work in a more concentrated manner.

Finally, punches of color were added to the support spaces, such as printer rooms, conference rooms, kitchen, etc.  Doors were  removed to these spaces to provide a greater sense of contrast and compositional unity.

This project was made during my colaboration with the Kos Architects.

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