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Le Non Restaurant

Client Name: Art House Sp. z o.o. 

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Status: Construction Documentation Complete​d 2015

Team: Kos Architects Inc.

Principal: Łukasz Kos

Design Architect: Edyta Krawczyk,

Mikolaj Molenda,
Michal Piasecki,
Piotr Zablocki

A tree-like structure defines the interior space of this exclusive casual fine-dining restaurant to be located one level below Ulica Piekna. One of Warsaw’s most prestigious streets, the restaurant will be in walking proximity to French, Canadian and German Embassies as well as the head of Polish Parliament.  

A palate of dark natural materials, terrazzo, and stained wood, create a sophisticated base to the proposed naturally lit interior.  Views to the open courtyard will be framed by an iconic tree-like structure resulting in a dramatic dining experience. The one wall in the restaurant will be used to display art from paintings from Poland’s most important artists.  

The tree structure will conceal all of the technical aspects of the restaurant, including lighting, electrical, a/v equipment, ventilation, etc. 


This project was made during my colaboration with the Kos Architects.

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