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Hotel Lafayette

Client Name: Withheld

Location: New York, USA

Status: Concept Complete 2017

Team: Kos Architects Inc.

Principal: Łukasz Kos

Design Architect: Edyta Krawczyk,

Mateusz Długowski (Ronis Vision)

The boutique hotel is located at 375 Lafayette St in New York. The 100 rooms, including several luxury suites with a view of the city, are equipped with a restaurant and shops on the ground floor, as well as ballrooms, conference and spa facilities on the upper floors. The shiny body of the building in golden color was created in contrast to the surrounding brick buildings which are typical architecture of NoHo - a district located on the north side of Hudson Street.

The interiors of the building have been designed to reflect the unpretentious character of the city of New York. The layout of the restaurant located on the ground refers to the iconic "American Diner". The interior is filled with central banquets and an impressive, long bar for singles and couples. The colors and the materials choices in the restaurant continue in the rooms above. Green concrete contrasts with the softness of the fabrics and the warm color of golden touches.

This project was made during my colaboration with the Kos Architects.

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