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Hotel in Jurata

Client Name: Confidential

Location: Jurata, Poland

Status: Concept Complete 2018

Team: Boris Kudlička with Partners,

Principal: Boris Kudlička,

Design Architect: Edyta Krawczyk

Rafał Otłog,

Weronika Libiszowska,

Paulina Karwowska,

Monika Trocińska,

Piotr Łabęda

A city in Northern Poland, Jurata was founded at the end of the 1920s and it was called the "Palm Beach of the Baltic Sea". The city was associated with prestige and was eagerly visited by artists and politicians. A summer resort in the warm months favored a luxurious lifestyle and relaxation in wicker baskets.

There is a legend about the goddess Jurata, the queen of the Baltic Sea, who fell in love with a simple fisherman. Jealous god Perkun did not like the misalliance and smashed the amber palace of Jurata into millions of elements.

Amber is the main theme of the project. Apart from amber, the atmosphere of the interior is created by ship wood and glass installations referring to marine life. In the hotel we designed rooms, restaurant, lobby and spa rooms.

This project was made during my colaboration with the Boris Kudlička with Partners.

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