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Hamptons Villa

Client Name: Imaestri Signature Homes, UK 

Location: Sagaponack,

New York

Status: In Development

Team: Kos Architects Inc.

Principal: Łukasz Kos

Design Architect: Edyta Krawczyk,

Bartosz Trocha,
Piotr Zablocki

„The impresario Harry J. Brown Jr. approached Richard Meier a decade ago about enlisting the help of a group of similarly renowned architects in building the Houses at Sagaponac, a community of 32 modernist homes on wooded one and two acre lots north of Montauk Highway here. Each home would be a one-of-a-kind design, pushing the envelope of contemporary architecture and showing how a typical residential subdivision could support design excellence at moderate prices. Only eight of the homes were ever built.”

The concept for the Hamptons Villa celebrates summer living by opening up onto a spacious lawn bordered by lush vegetation complete with a 20 m pool. The villa is positioned on the north end of the site and opens in a large swooping arch both in plan and in elevation to the south. Upon approaching the villa from the North, one is struck by the verboding monolithic and opaque quality of the form.  However, from the south the villa is completely open and porous. 

Architecturally the villa speaks to the long tradition of gable roof residential architecture in the area.  The villa is organized around a large double height great room which hosts all the social functions of the house; kitchen, dining, salon, library with loft and guestroom above.  On either side of the great room are terraces that lead to the private master suite and bedrooms.  As the program of the house gets more private the roof becomes lower.
Hosting artists is an integral part of the culture of the Hamptons. As such our Villa provides for a spacious artist’s studio to use while in residency at the villa.


This project was made during my colaboration with the Kos Architects.

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