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Adria Department Store

Client Name: Confidential

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Status: Concept Complete 2018

Team: Boris Kudlička with Partners,

Principal: Boris Kudlička,

Design Architect: Edyta Krawczyk

Ewa Mostowa,

Rafał Otłog,

Weronika Libiszowska,

Monika Trocińska 

The Adria department store is a luxurious place on the map of Warsaw. It is dedicated exclusively to women and only ladies have the right to enter and use the shops, restaurant, SPA and a boutique gym located in it.

The building where the shopping center is located was the most popular in the 1930s. There was a famous cafe and club inside where the Warsaw elite used to meet and party.

Historical part of the interior has been recreated and contrasted with modern elements. The main design theme is the surrealist image of a woman in art.

This project was made during my colaboration with the Boris Kudlička with Partners.

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